As the owner and operator of a busy carpet cleaning company I found it difficult to carve out the time needed to launch a successful marketing campaign. Keaven negotiated an advertising campaign with local newspaper publications and the results were fantastic.

She developed a print marketing plan for me. Then she supervised the ad copy and the print media deliverables so that I could focus on my business. As a result, I enjoyed two of my best months in business. There is a definite value in advertising and I would recommend Words That Work to help any business achieve their goals.

                            — Annie Pratt
                                 Heaven's Best Carpet Cleaning

I am a small business owner with little time for marketing. Keaven was able to create a marketing plan for my business and execute it by optimizing my website, evaluating and discussing local media, then working with media to place ads, press releases and other materials. Her simple roadmap helped me to clearly see the steps needed to create a proper "media mix" to enhance my marketing efforts. And, she was a joy to work with.

                              — Sue Steph, Owner 
                                   Spiral Healing Colon Hydrotherapy

First and foremost, thank you for your incredible work on The Richardson House copy - simply wonderful.

                              —  Christina Stoever-Young
                                    The Richardson House

Keaven and her work is incredibly professional, of the highest quality and very timely. The compliments we have received on our NextStepHoops website has been overwhelmingly positive and numerous.  The next question we always get is "Who did your website?"  We feel very confident in referring Keaven for website work..

                              — Julie and Kevin, owners of Next 
                                   Step Hoops Basketball Clinics

When we assign a story to Keaven Van Lom, we know we will be getting a piece of clarity, integrity, and fine writing skills. Her writing intrigues and inspires readers, breathing fresh life into stories the reader may have already heard about before. Professional and passionate, Keaven is an asset to our line of writers at Moonshine Ink.

                              —  Mayumi Elegado
                                    Publisher / Editor 

Keaven is a joy of a writer. She’s always quick to accept any assignment and meets her deadlines like the dedicated professional she is. Her personal writing style affords her the unique ability to turn the complex into the everyday and really drive home her point to any reader. No matter what the topic, Keaven’s writing exceeds expectations. She is truly an asset and friend to me and ‘O&A’.

                         — Brent Meredith
                              Editor & Creative Director, Out & About Newspaper     

When I read Keaven’s writings, I knew she was the one to do a re-write for me. I needed some snappy copy. Something to schmaltz up my web pages. She was quick, witty, snappy and concise -  just as I had requested. A real wizard with the words. Her articles entertain me  and she is one very smart cookie. I really enjoy her writing creations.

                             — Andrea Thomas
                                 Andrea's Maui Accommodations 

The BEAR League publishes a quarterly newsletter and we realize our readers and members have an abundance of reading material waiting for them in their "Important! Read ASAP" pile. We need to make every word count and we need to make a clear statement in everything we publish. So we asked for Keaven's help. She wrote a 'Call to Action' article for us that was absolutely perfect...concise, informative, clever, on time and rich with positive outcome. We will continue working with our favorite professional writer on many upcoming articles. She gets it and provides our readers with words and concepts they understand and relate to.

                           — Ann Bryant, Executive Director
                               The BEAR League