Fees are negotiable depending on the project, but review these basic guidelines below to help with your planning.  My work includes:

Preparation and research time 
Brainstorming and writing time 
Time to execute revisions 
Time spent on the phone or in meetings 
Travel time if applicable

My rates below reflect a downmarket rate I am extending indefinitely to help people during these tough times.

Copywriting, Web Content, Articles, Blogs, Ghostwriting

$35 per hour

Press Releases

$35 per hour

Search Engine Optimization

$35 per hour


Below are some of my previously published works that are available for reprint per your publication’s reprint guidelines. Contact me and provide publication details and pay rate and I will forward the complete article for your review.  See my editorial page for a preview.


Of Fumpdedumps and Trucker Bombs
Designer Dogs and Social Responsibility
Your Toxic Home Series:  Part I, II & III 
The Sinner’s Guide to the Gay Agenda
Euphemisms: Nice words that coat reality in pink

Book Reviews

Skinny Bitch - A no-nonsense tough-love guide for savvy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous

Political Ponerology - A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes

I live in beautiful Lake Tahoe, where the clear mountain air and breathtaking scenery are always an inspiration.
Giving Back 

There are three innocent genres of beings who by their inability to protect themselves are greatly exploited: children, seniors and animals. If you need my services to help children seniors or animals, I will be glad to assist you for FREE. Unless of course, it is some huge project and/or one that involves a lot of research. In this case, I will do it for CHEAP!